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What Do You Get When You

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The Inner Circle Online Community

Has Been Crushing It with Massive Personal Growth!

When YOU join the Inner Circle,

YOU will get a safe space to grow,

with leadership and an online presence

(private facebook group) that provides

positive support, guidance and accountability.

YOU will get what other coaches don't have.

A GROUP OF WARRIORS by your side that will help YOU,

step-by-step, get to a state of Extreme Health

and to create a life that YOU can be proud of.

The Extreme Health Inner Circle

Life Transformation Happens in 3 Easy Steps...

  • Team Up: Team up and become a Warrior! Your donation will automatically qualify you to join The Inner Circle and you will get access to our private Facebook group.
  • Train: Train like a Warrior! Complete our weekly and monthly challenges and join our monthly fb live and small group events. Watch live podcasts + Q&A with Dr. Al and his World-Class Extreme Health Podcast Guests. You will also have unlimited access to any of our group masterminds.
  • Transform: Transform like a Warrior! It’s your time to find that love and the light that is inside of you, and to learn how to share it with the world. This is where your life changes. So make the decision today to Team Up, Train and Transform with the Extreme Health Inner Circle.

The Extreme Health Inner Circle

If This Sounds Like You...

We've Got Your Back!

  • You’re feeling lost. You woke up one day and asked yourself, "how did I get here"?, “how did I gain this extra weight”?, “what the heck happened to me”?, "why do I have no energy?" or even, “what's my purpose"?
  • You're feeling stuck. You believe that it’s too late, especially at this point in your life, that you can make any type of long-term or even short-term changes to your body, your mind or even your happiness.
  • You're feeling alone. You have this belief that you're not good enough and there is no way to make strong, positive connections in an increasingly digital world.

The Extreme Health Inner Circle

The 4 Core Fundamentals...

  • Education- Daily words of inspiration and mentoring to support you to an increase of gratitude, love, inspiration, energy and confidence in your life.
  • Live Events- You will get personal access my world-class podcasts guests and myself through LIVE podcasts featuring Q&A sessions. Consider these LIVE video coaching calls to get the answers to your biggest questions.
  • Masterminds- Teams and support groups to meet weekly or on a monthly basis. These types of groups may include: workout, book club, church, connection and support groups.
  • Community- Tap into a group of mission driven warriors to build relationships, share ideas, and get support 24/7.

The Extreme Health Inner Circle

How Does it Work?

  • Each month you'll be invited to private podcasts or Fb-lives that I personally host... It will be jam-packed with high-level Extreme Health strategies that are working for my World-Class Guests.
  • Each month you will be invited to private Fb-rooms live events and interactive connection with myself and other members of the Inner Circle. This is where you can join us live and ask questions face-to-face. Sometimes it's great to have a community with real-life experience who you can talk through your ideas and struggles to gain clarity on life, or to notice the blind spots that are holding you back from making progress on a goal.

  • You'll join a small-group online mastermind with positive and supportive people who take action... We've assembled an incredible group of Warriors in our online community. We would love to have you join us!


What Our Warriors Say...

The inner circle has been an awesome accountability network! Dr. Al starts thoughtful and helpful communication, encourages a growth mindset, and helps me focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Emily B.

Being part of the Inner Circle has been life changing! I came from an abusive background and was looking for a positive, loving, inspirational, and supportive environment. Dr. Al and the Inner Circle members have exceeded my expectations! I am discovering my truths and starting to live out my God Given purpose! My willingness to participate and receive brought me mental, physical, and spiritual healing. If I were to recommend and rate the quality of the members of this group, it would be five stars all the way across the board!!

Brenda J.

I have been very fortunate to have met Dr. Al and be a part of his Inner Circle group. From the beginning, he was authentic and kind. Dr. Al establishes a good rapport with you and all his clients, starting with comfortable steps you can do independently grow. Dr. Al continues to help me build healthy habits that help align how I want to feel everyday.

One the first things I noticed after starting this Inner Circle journey with Dr. Al and the others was how he shared and continues to share helpful ways and ideas for personal growth, physical growth, and to have positive growth mindset. With this, I have established a great foundation for my daily and weekly routines. Dr. Al gives continuous affirmation joining you on this path by keeping you accountable for stretching yourself mentally and physically. That is the best gift you can give your mind, body, and soul!

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain!” If you want a life where the dancing and growth happens, you definitely need to have Dr. Al in your life and be a part of his Inner Circle group. You will become the very best you can one step at a time. You will become a warrior!

Emily A.

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