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Featured Guests:

John Lee Dumas

Founder and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, author of "The Common Path to UnCommon Success".

Nataly Kogan

Creator of the Happier Method™,

Founder and CEO of Happier,

and Author of “Happier Now”.

Nir Eyal

Author of "Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life"

Scott Shay

Co-Founder of Signature Bank,

author of "In Good Faith".

Jeremy Ryan Slate

CEO of Command Your Brand,

host of Create Your Own Life.

Becky Halstead

Retired Brigadier General,

Author of "24/7:The First Person

You Must Lead is You".

Laura Huang

Harvard Business School Professor,

Author of "Edge:

Turning Adversity into Advantage"

William Hung

American Idol legend,

Author of "Champion by Choice".

Will Nitze

Founder of IQBar.

Shannon Kaiser

Author of "Joy Seeker".

Lydia Fenet

Leading benefit Auctioneer and

Author of "The Most Powerful Woman

in the Room is You".

Renee McGregor

Sports and Eating Disorder Specialist,

Author of "Orthorexia".

Allysa Seely

U.S. Paralympic Triathlon


Dr. Lara Pence

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and

Chief Mind Doc at Spartan Racing.

Jen Bricker

Aerialist, Motivational Speaker and

NY Times Best Selling Author of

"Everything is Possible".


We examine the science, hacks, and strategies to

help you achieve a state of complete

physical, mental, social & spiritual strength.

While also learning from the

inspirational stories and messages

of our World-Class Guests.

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What Our Listeners Say...

Awesome content!

Keep inspiring us. These are great topics and good people. Thanks for all that goes into this.


Kindness and curiosity.

Dr. Al creates space for important topics with guests with his kindness and curiosity. I feel like sinking into my chair while simultaneously leaning forward.


Crazy good show.

This podcast is really great. Not only did I love sitting down with Dr. Al and talking about life, some of the episodes have really challenged me to change my mindset. And there’s some really good information on these podcasts as well. Thank you Dr. Al for creating such awesome content.

Forgiven Felon

Awesome podcast!

Dr. Al has many great guests that have great for all areas of life and especially self-improvement! Dr. Al does an awesome job highlighting all the great things each of his guests can share and offer to us to better our lives.


Life long learners unite!

Dr. Al covers important topics and brings out inspiring conversations. Really enjoy listening to this show and learning from the life experience of a variety of successful people.


Love this show!

Incredible show. Love the quality of the guests and the inspiring stories that are shared. Definitely a top podcast to listen to!


Intense and Practical.

I love the positive vibe that Dr. Al brings to his show. His work speaks for itself and the folks he speaks to on this podcast are world class. Take your life up a notch or two by listen to Dr. Al.


“Highly relevant and useful content

I just discovered his podcast when I looked for something that can help give me new perspectives about Covid-19 pandemic.

I love the most recent episode on how to boost our health immunity. Really cool!


Great show!!!

Esp. 91 is needed in these times. I was so glad to hear Dr. Al gives a more uplifting Prospective on how to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually cope with the state of the world today.


Best Podcast for You!

Listening to this Podcast was an eye opening for my life in general. I listen to the guests expertises and help to be inspired, be entertained, or be educated in different topics. Great work Dr. Al!


Great podcast!

Aimee Carlson, the toxic terminator, was very informative. Freeing your body and household of toxins can be a very overwhelming topic, but Aimee was able to communicate in a clear and easy to understand manner. She was awesome and Dr Al asked good, informative questions. Great podcast!

Not Seth Baetz

Great Job!

To me, the formula for a great podcast is a good message plus passion plus consistency and this show has all of that! Don’t pass it by...


A good, practical podcast.

A practical and informative podcast. The most recent episode that I listened to was

“How to ground your goals episode”-

Very good points on this episode which I agree with which I can resonate with. For example, writing things down, planning ahead, and be flexible in adjusting your plans when necessary.

I also believe in the power of visualization and affirming your goals, and limiting or eliminating distractions and activities that doesn’t align with your goals and core values.

I’m looking forward to more of these episodes!

D Cuervo

Really informative new podcast!

I found this show searching for a happiness podcast and was drawn to Dr. Al's episode with Andy Proctor. This show was able to take a topic I've researched extensively and still provide new information in a fun way. Excited to listen to bring a few more episodes!

The Miss Meliss

Love Inspiration??💯

Then you will love this show. The host does an amazing job providing inspiring and actionable content that truly will make a difference in your life. Check it out!


My favorite podcast!

I recommend this podcast to my friends who are searching for inspiration or something positive in their lives!

Found Happiness

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