Hello! I'm Dr. Al.

I am so Grateful for YOU to be Here.

Let Me Introduce Myself:

I’m a Child of GOD,

a Father,

a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Health Mentor

& The Extreme Health Podcast Host.

My Vision is Global Extreme Health.

My Mission is One of Constant Self-Improvement,

and Helping Anyone Who Wants to Join Me.

Over the Past 18 years, I’ve Accumulated Over 25,000 Patient Hours & 100,000 Patient Visits.

I love Sharing What I’ve Learned

From My Patients and Those Visits About

Navigating This Beautiful Experience

That We Call Life.

Some of the Most Important Things That I Have Learned in Clinical Settings are:

-Extreme Health is Not Just Physical:

It’s also Mental, Social and Spiritual.

-YOU are NOT Stuck in the

Body, Mind, Social or Spiritual Situation

That YOU are Currently In.

-Life is Relational.

Relationships are a Key Nutrient

to a Happier, Healthier and Longer Life.

+Love GOD

+Love Others

+Love Yourself

-YOU are Not Alone.

Everyone is a Hot Mess…Especially Me!

-The Human Brain is The Most Amazing

Thing Created in the Universe.

And YOU Have One...Use It!

-Love is In the Air...and So is Energy.

It's FREE, So Tap Into It!

-The More I Learn, I Realize...the Less I Know.

-Everybody Wants to Love and to Be Loved,

to Be Appreciated and to Be Seen.


-With GOD…ALL Things are Possible.

-And Finally, I Want YOU to Remember This...

YOU are Made in GOD’s Image.

Which Means YOU are Love,

YOU are Powerful and

YOU are Not Alone.

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